Who I am

I am wedding and lifestyle photographer Veronika Bendik, based in Zurich, Switzerland. I was so lucky to immortalise weddings, engagements and scenes from people’s daily life in a variety of countries all around the globe. The love for strong emotions and the beautiful symbolism of weddings have led me to focus on portraying this very special event since five years.

How you can communicate with us

We speak EN, GE, FR, IT, RU, UA, and BG.

How I came to love photography

I still remember the silhouette of my mother in the dark room, tense from concentration, meticulously placing her photos into the development tray. The image that slowly started to appear on a simple piece of paper has captured me ever since.

Since my childhood I strive to capture humans and their emotions in their quintessential, solely using the magic of light. One of my highest pleasures is to be able to extract the peculiarities and traits of my customers and to amplify them.

Why you are the art

Together with you we want our photographs to be artistic and full of emotions, just as our life can be so often. I aim to balance naturalism with expressionism, both trying to show you as you are from the outside and the inside. Through an appropriate choice of location, lighting and colours, I create not only an image of you, but also turn this image into art. I want you to feel relaxed and natural doing our photo shoot, which is why establishing a pleasant atmosphere is so important to me.


Just come on over

Come visit us and we will gladly show you our work and will answer your questions. Contact us via telephone or email in order to schedule a get-to-know meeting. We are looking forward to meeting you!

How can you reach us?

Veronika Bendik
Mutschellenstrasse 89
8038, Zürich, Schweiz
Tel +41 (0) 44 4820115
Mobil +41 (0) 76 7411473
8038 Zürich