Last winter, we received a request from a couple that made us quite curious: in their message, they pointed out that they are two “Christian, cordial musicians, who have decided to spend their life together”. We were literally dying to get to know them and find out more about their artistic side, which turned out to play a major role during their ceremony and in the aftermath. Our initial meeting with them was really pleasant and luckily they decided to book us. Their ceremony and reception, which took place in August 2019, proved to be a truly beautiful wedding in the Swiss Alps.

How did they choose their venue?

The couple chose the cute and picturesque village of Flüeli-Ranft as the venue for their beautiful wedding in the Swiss Alps, because of its closeness to the nearby town of Lungern and the surrounding Swiss Alps. Flüeli-Ranft lies at the entrance of the imposing Melchtal valley and has a huge rock located in the center on the village, on top of which a small chapel has been built, giving it an almost mystical appearance.

The preparation of our couple took place in the nearby hotel Paxmontana, while the ceremony itself was held in the aforementioned chapel.

Getting Ready

The bride and groom getting ready for the wedding was, as always, lots of fun. The groom and his groomsmen, which got prepared in the “Turnzimmer” suite, were cracking jokes the whole time and even made us barely hold our cameras straight due to laughing. While staying with the bride and her bridesmaids, we got a first taste of their singing skills when they merrily sang along to “Mamma Mia”. I really must say that both the bride and groom looked gorgeous, and I could not wait for their ceremony to begin.

Their Ceremony

As the time for the ceremony approached, the wedding party slowly made their way to the nearby chapel. The hotel was located just a few minutes walking distance away from the chapel, which could be reached through a flight of stairs that has been built into the rock. From the top, the view was really magnificent and could have straight been from a postcard. The chapel itself was small and cozy, just the perfect place for an intimate and emotional ceremony like this. As you can imagine, it was accompanied by a lot of – one may even use the word divine – singing, just as we had hoped :).

Their Wedding Reception

After a brief photo shoot with the wedding party in front of the chapel, the latter walked back to the hotel, the terrace of which had already been prepared for the wedding reception that was about to start. The venue was both elegantly prepared, but also had a familiar touch to it, again perfectly fitting to the overall atmosphere and style of the wedding. The highlight of this joyful afternoon was a singing contest that was staged between two competing groups of guests – it was hilarious!

As the sun already started to slowly set, it was time for me to say farewell. I had really enjoyed this, indeed, beautiful wedding in the Swiss Alps and am sure that my very pleasant and beautiful couple did so too!


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Wedding Photographer:

Veronika Bendik

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Veronika Bendik

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Bridal dress:

Zauberbraut Zürich

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Bridal shoes:

Jimmy Choo
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