From the very beginning, we felt a very strong connection to Maria and Andreas. The very sincere and friendly manner in which Maria phrased her emails made us feel comfortable and relaxed and gave us a feeling as if conversing with a close friend. We were therefore already very excited to meet the couple, which later turned out to be as wonderful as we have imagined.

Maria’s roots lie in the picturesque city of Luzern, but she lives in Bern for eight years, where she also met her “indigenous” Andreas and where they, evidently, fell in love. The beauty of this small city, the medieval city center of which is enclosed by the emerald river Aare, made us very excited about the wedding photo shoot after their civil wedding, which was to take place amidst the marvels of this stunning place.

Wedding photography in Bern

As usual, we arrived half of an hour earlier in the civil registry office Bern-Mittelland, which was conveniently located next to Bern’s main station. The room reserved for the wedding ceremonies, which was fully painted and furnished in white, impressed us with its simplistic, but nevertheless elegant design – perfect for a wedding photo shoot. Maria and Andreas appeared shortly before the beginning of their ceremony together with Maria’s nephew and Andreas’ daughter, who would act as witnesses for the marriage.

Our first impression of the couple truly did not deceive us: Maria, Andreas and also their witnesses were very open and hearty people who, both in their choice of garment and style of ceremony, showed their elegance and serenity. The advent of the wedding party was, to say the least, very promising: Andreas and Chrigu, the witness, both being all smiles, slowly heaved some stereo equipment upstairs. We were puzzled and could not wait for the ceremony to begin and this mystery to be solved ….

Finally, the wedding photo shoot could begin! We carefully crept to our positions next to the table in the middle of the room, at which the civil registry office employee welcomed the wedding party. Guests of the reception sat in a half-circular arrangement around the table. Through the windows, one could feel the heat of the sun, brightly shining on this magnificent day of early spring. In this setting, which could not be more auspicious, the couple exchanged their vows in order to become Mr. and Mrs. Oberli. We put all our effort into capturing the natural romanticism so obviously filling the room, as we usually do in our photo shoots.

Still wondering about the purpose of the stereo equipment? Well, Andreas, being an avid DJ, brought it in order to play one very personal piece of music coming from the Italian singer Zucchero. In order to make use of the elated atmosphere and beautiful venue, we had a quick final photo session with the whole wedding party in the civil registry office and then carried on to the church St. Peter and Paul in the center of Bern’s old town.

ziviltrauung fotoshooting Bern
ziviltrauung fotoshooting Bern

fotoshooting Hochzeit Bern

fotoshooting Hochzeit Bern

How a Swiss artist named Mani Matter made our pictures great

You probably do not know Mani-Matter-Stutz, a little alley next to St. Peter und Paul church, which was named after a famous Swiss singer and songwriter from Bern, Mani Matter. Neither did we, but we came to recognise that, just in this little alley, we could take fantastic pictures, as exactly during our wedding photo shoot, the sun was lurking from behind the towers and pinnacles of the nearby church, illuminating the newlywed couple in its golden afternoon light.

The picturesque cobblestone Rathausplatz and the nearby alleys of the old town of Bern served us another scenery for immortalising the wedding parties’ emotions on this wonderful and important day.

Our photo shoot being nearly finished, we embarked on the final photo shooting location of the day: the charming Tapas bar “Volver”, located directly at the Rathausplatz. Accompanied by a glass of champagne, to which we were invited by Maria and Andreas, we had a chance to relive all the beautiful moments of the day and to wish the couple all the best for their honeymoon in Provence.

It really was an honour for us to meet such heartly, open and kind people and to take part in their wonderful and very symbolic wedding day!

Hochzeitsfotografie Bern

Hochzeitsfotografie Bern
Braut Bern

Hochzeitsfotografie Bern

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