In most cases, accompanying a couple on their elopement in Switzerland is a breathtaking experience. Slowly crawling up the steep flank of a mountain, one can oftentimes marvel at the surrounding lush green meadows and herds of cows that are slowly and meticulously grazing. Having arrived at the top, one gets to experience a magnificent panorama of alabaster mountain tops around and turquoise lakes, far down below. How can this experience be any better? The answer is simple: By accompanying a couple that is fun, optimistic and madly in love. Liz and Chris from Singapore was one of those couples that really made our day, and we had lots of joy and fun in making theirs.

Why Elopement in Switzerland?

Liz and Chris wanted to elope in order to avoid the stress of organizing a huge Asian wedding. Additionally, they love the outdoors and nature, which made Switzerland their favorite destination for their elopement. As they mentioned: “We are rebels by nature and seem to always steer towards taking the path less taken”.

Getting Ready at Gasthaus Badhof, Golfclub Meggen

They chose Golfhotel Meggen near to Lucerne as the starting point for their elopement on mount Rigi – a fantastic location with an even better view. After having her make-up and hair done in the beautiful setting of the wood-lined room, Liz finished drafting her wedding vows for the ceremony that was to ensue soon thereafter, on the top of mount Rigi. We highly recommend you to prepare your own vows for your elopement, as they render the ceremony very personal and reading them out provides for highly emotional moments. Also Chris looked very chique in his navy blue suit, always having a gentle smile on his face.

Their First Look

But now, it was time for their first look. With ever rising anticipation, we guided Liz to the spacious balcony and let her wait for Chris. As Chris turned her slowly around, our hearts briefly stopped beating! The loving embrace and kiss that followed suit were definitely worth all the anticipation …

Elopement on Mount Rigi

As usual, time flew by too fast and we already had to leave to Vitznau, from where the cogwheel railway Rigi Bahn was to take us to the very top of Rigi. We had to wait for the next ride and took the opportunity to have a brief couple session on the shore of Vierwaldstättersee, the beautiful lake next to Lucerne. Sadly, we were all dressed up. On that very day, it was all to inviting to jump into the lake to escape the searing heat.

Now, it was time for the railway to depart. As we slowly crept up the mountain, beautiful views on the lake below were followed by lush meadows and cows. After about half an hour, we arrived at Rigi Kulm station which marks the summit of Rigi. As you can imagine, we were already eager with anticipation.

The great moment was there! We positioned Liz and Chris in the slowly setting evening sun and the ceremony master, Georg, stood in front of them. The elopement was emotional – from the beginning to the end. The reading of the vows by Liz and Chris was followed by them exchanging their rings. We were quite sure that we even saw tears in their eyes :).

Festive Picnic on Mount Rigi

The ceremony was over and the sun was slowly setting, but we still took the time for a little picnic. The two were in an elated – better exalted mood and told us more stories about themselves. Liz and Chris love to travel, love experiencing new cultures and, as they said, love to chase sunsets together. We brought a bottle of Moët & Chandon for the two to toast. We were really lucky there, as it turned out that the glass of champagne that Liz famously rejected from Chris during their first encounter was, as you might guess, from the very same brand. Liz and Chris eventually even kept the bottle as a souvenir.

Our little break ended all too soon and it was time to leave. Quickly gathering together our things, we hurried to the train back to Vitznau. On the way down, we had some more time to chat with this lovely couple. At the same time, Chris also had some time to finish the platter of Swiss cheese we had :).

Having arrived in Vitznau, we went for another brief lakeside photo shoot. The atmosphere was really magical and the red glow of the setting sun made us understand the two even more.

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