After having met this wonderful couple in the Ristorante Spiga near the central railway station in Zurich, I knew that I wanted to spend their big day together with them. The positive energy and anticipation the two radiated was just unbelievable. Fortunately, the two even ended up booking me for their free wedding ceremony :). 

Getting ready

Often, travelling to a wedding photo shoot is connected with a long journey for me. In this case, I was really lucky, because my trip took only about 15 minutes (by tram). Getting ready of the bride took place in the elegant Hotel Widder in the old town of Zurich. I especially remembered how her three nicely smiling girlfriends helped her with putting on a beautiful dress. 

Civil ceremony

The civil ceremony of the couple took place in the picturesque town house of Zurich, only a short walk away. After the emotional ceremony, the wedding guests surprised us with a beautiful “trellis” of soap bubbles. A very fitting symbol for this light-hearted day! 

Couple photo shoot

In the following short, but very productive couple photo shoot, the aforementioned lightness was indeed omnipresent. With much fun and laughter we spent a wonderful time near the Hotel Storchen, where their free wedding ceremony was to take place. 

Free wedding ceremony in the Hotel Storchen in Zurich 

Like the couple photo shoot, the free ceremony was accompanied by a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. I was very impressed by the individuality of the ceremony – especially I liked the “spice ritual” :). 

Dinner at the Zunfthaus zur Waag

Another short walk away and a cosy romantic dinner table was already waiting for everybody. The cake with the motto “It’s written in the stars” on the top, embodied the spirit of this wedding in a very beautiful way, as it “oozed” warmth and individuality.  

On a final note: gathering all the wedding guests around a single table was a wonderful idea – in this way, they were as close as possible to each other :). 


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Free Wedding Ceremony in Hotel Storchen in Zurich, Civil Wedding in Zurich, Getting ready of the bride in Hotel Widder


Wedding Photographer:

Veronika Bendik

Processing of images:

Veronika Bendik

Make up & Hair:

Kathrin Pützer

Groom suit:


Brides party dresses:


Ceremony location:

Storchen, Zürich

DJ/ Entertaining:

Marcus Lippke

Wedding cake:


Wedding ceremony officiant:

Julia Pöhler
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Veronika Bendik is the lead photographer of Bendik Photography who for 8 years is accompanying couples that are deeply in love with her camera. Through a close connection to her couples, she creates works that are defined by creativity and love.

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