As I slowly made my way through the beautiful little mountain village of Kandersteg, the bright white smiles of the couple that I was supposed to meet already shined on me from the distance. Stephanie and Andrew have travelled all the way from sunny Florida to this remote and beautiful place for their elopement in Switzerland.

It should be all about the couple

A brief flashback to before our encounter. When Stephanie and Andrew first contacted me, I grew curious as to why they wanted to have an elopement in Switzerland. I really liked their answer, since, in my opinion, a wedding should be all about the couple:

“We want our marriage to be about one another and not a wedding. We don’t like being the center of attention at big events. Traveling is our favorite thing and we appreciate the beauty of nature and couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.”

Although there are many beautiful destinations for elopements all around the globe, they gave me a very clear response as to why they wanted to have their elopement in Switzerland:

“We explored a lot of options but Switzerland seemed to be beautiful with mountains, lakes, forest, cute towns. And also the ease to travel around in and near Switzerland. On this trip, we are taking the trains from Zurich to Interlaken/Murren, Kandersteg, and Varenna. We also considered Norway, Patagonia, Banff, Yosemite, etc. Yosemite was too close to home and not adventurous enough. There isn’t a lot nearby Banff and Patagonia would be a great trip but not conducive to the wedding.”

Elopement in Switzerland, at Lake Oeschinen

Getting Ready

The view to the mountain panorama was really magical from Stephanie’s balcony, on which she was sitting while getting her hair done. Capturing her getting ready in front of this beautiful scenery, I used some moments in between to follow Andrew’s preparation, who was using each and every free minute to continue reading a book about native Americans that seemingly captivated him. Time was short, however – Andrew already needed to leave for Lake Oeschinen, a nearby mountain lake, for their first look.

First Look

Therefore, Andrew was ready first, nicely dressed in a blue suit accompanied by a matching tie that seemed to have been carefully chosen. He left for Lake Oeschinen, whilst Stephanie and I were still choosing jewellery to match her beautiful dress. About half an hour later, we made our way to the cable car that was supposed to take us uphill to their elopement location.

As we approached the shoreline of the lake, Andrew was waiting between two giant boulders. All that I needed to do now was to guide Stephanie to him and wait for the magic to happen :).

Exchanging the Vows

Stephanie’s and Andrew’s wedding vows were so nicely written. Their love story ideally fitted to the atmosphere of that day. The turquoise waters of the lake and the mountain range it was embedded within were gently illuminated by the mellow light of the evening sun, which every now and then cast a bright spot on the rocky platform they were standing on. I could have listened to them forever and, honestly, nearly forgot that I needed to shoot their elopement!

A Date to Remember

To Stephanie and Andrew, the date of their elopement in Switzerland will be the day on which they will celebrate their anniversary in the future. I am honored to have been part of this important and truly magical day.


Elopement in Switzerland, Getting ready, First Look, Wedding vows

“Veronika was amazing to work with! We were so lucky to have her as our photographer. She shot our planned elopement in Lake Oeschinensee. The photos were beautiful and she was a trooper hiking with us throughout the mountains. Thank you!”


Wedding dress:

Evenson Gown, BHLDN

Make up & Hair:

Julia Dittrich

Bridal bouquet:

Julia Dittrich
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