In the beginning of this year, I got a very pleasant email from a far away place: Beijing. In very kind words, a gentleman called Zhen wrote me a message in which he explained that he will get married in Switzerland in spring this year and wants me to provide him with prewedding photo shoot and wedding coverage.

As you know, our main criterion for truly authentic and aesthetic photographs is for the couple to love each other sincerely and without boundaries. With Zhen, I could from very early on feel that he and his fiancee’s love would radiate from my photographs.

Zhen and his fiancee Sylvia both studied in the UK, but met each other in Switzerland, during an exchange semester at ETH Zurich. When writing to me, Zhen described how they got together as follows: “The astonishing fact is that we actually met each other without knowing for the first time at the lakefront of Zug, but did not talk to each other. A while later we, by coincidence, recognised one another at ETH Zurich and started to talk.”

It was on a pleasant day in the end of April when I met the two in Zurich. Together, we strolled through the old town, taking cobblestone pathways between Medieval houses lined up in neat rows alongside the Limmat river. The famous Grossmünster cathedral, the Münsterbrücke bridge and the Rathausbrücke bridge all showed in the beautiful frames that I managed to capture on that day, keeping the Lindenhofplatz square in mind as our final destination. Just across the river, we could clearly see the main tower of ETH Zurich gleaming promisingly in the afternoon light, as if it wanted to remind us of how strong a force love can be.

Main elements of this prewedding photo shoot

Elegance, in style, sensuality, sincerity and a lot of care.

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