My virtual encounter with Jenny a couple of months ago proved to be a very pleasant one. She contacted me to organize a lifestyle photo shoot as a gift for her friend who recently gave birth to her second child.  At that time, Jenny did not know that she will soon get the very same gift from her group of friends in return!

Reportage Family Photography in Zurich

The family photo shoot took place on a very pleasant Sunday morning against the backdrop of the Zurich Opera house which is located on the lake front in Zurich. We had an amazing time, laughed incessantly and I frankly could not stop pressing the shutter release button!

I hope that I managed to capture the joy of this young family on this beautiful day, and do really hope that I can again be part of the next gift that is made within Jenny’s very kind group of friends.


Reportage family photography in Zurich

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Veronika Bendik is the lead photographer of Bendik Photography, who for 8 years is accompanying couples that are deeply in love, with her camera. Through a close connection to her couples, she creates works that are defined by creativity and love.

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