Right from the outset, Jovy was one of the most pleasant clients of the year, be it in terms of his manners or in conversation.

He was impatiently waiting for the perfect chance to propose to his beloved Yusnie.

His wish was for that special moment to take place in Zermatt, Switzerland, on a terrace overlooking the uniquely beautiful Matterhorn mountain.

“Zermatt is the only place that I can imagine with the white snow backdrop”

It impressed me how much Jovy was taking care of each little detail of our common proposal plan, constantly refining it all along the way.
On the day of the surprise proposal photo shoot, the snow was brilliantly shining – as if the weather was happy to assist Jovy in his wonderful plan. The gorgeous Matterhorn, which was nicely visible from the snow-covered terrace, presented itself in the best light possible!

This magical place is where I met Yusnie for the first time. The very moment I saw her sincere smile, it was clear to me that this girl deserves all these careful preparations, this beautiful location and, above all, her caring and lovely fiancé.

Surprise Proposal Photo Shoot

Without any hesitation, she bravely stepped into the fresh snow, getting ready for a spontaneous photo shoot that Jovy “sold” her as an offer from the hotel, and not the surprise proposal photo shoot that it soon turned out to be.

After the “magic happened” and Yusnie had a new ring on her finger, all of us ended up having wet feet, but we did not care much about that. In an excited and happy mood, we ventured out to discover Zermatt and immortalize the uniqueness and beauty of this special day, which was not only special to my couple, but also to me.


Surprise Proposal Photo Shoot in Zermatt

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Veronika Bendik is the lead photographer of Bendik Photography who for 8 years is accompanying couples that are deeply in love with her camera. Through a close connection to her couples, she creates works that are defined by creativity and love.

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