Is this actually the fourth impression of this summer? Unfortunately, it seems to be so, as summer passes by, as always, way too fast… This brief moment of gloom is, however, quickly forgotten when we think of Rahel and Tommy’s wedding.

The couple and their daughter Luana are indeed a very friendly family, who treated us like friends from the very beginning and made us feel at home right from the start of their preparation. We need to mention that it took place “just around the corner” so to speak, in cosy Wetzikon. Both the bride and groom impressed us with their cool, yet elegant, styling that incorporated some boho elements. This mixed style remained a constant theme throughout the wedding, giving us the opportunity to photograph many beautiful details.

Wedding photo shoot at Greifensee

Their wedding ceremony took place in a Catholic church near Greifensee, with the following reception and dinner taking place in a bright, decorated restaurant with great attention to detail. The restaurant Schifflände in Maur, right on the banks of Lake Greifensee, is really a fantastic place on a summer evening!

There is really so much to tell about this wedding – be it the release of the pigeons or the bride and groom riding in a Ford Mustang – that a single blog entry is not sufficient for this. We hope that our photographs speak for themselves.

Finally, we owe you an explanation to the ominous “Pisi spaghetti”: Rahel wanted during one of our shots that all children laugh in the picture. After a moment’s reflection, the word “pisi spaghetti”, came out of her and everyone, including us, could barely keep from laughing.

Did you also have similar, maybe even better, tricks to make people laugh in photos? We would be very happy if you would share them in the comments with us.

We wish the bride and groom all the best and fantastic honeymoon!


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