Do you remember our blog entry about Rahel and Tommy’s wedding in July this year? At that time, we probably were a little bit too hasty in accouncing the passing of this year’s wonderful summer in Switzerland. Quite to the contrary, during Sabrina’s and Stefan’s wedding photo shoot in Chur at the end of September, we still could not feel that autumn was already supposed to have settled in.

At the beginning of this delightful day, Sabrina and Stefan greeted us warmly at the train station in Chur, as they picked us up with their van. From the first moment, both were so warm and open that we immediately felt as being among friends. Since we still had to pick up their son and Sabrina’s father, we made a short detour within Chur, a very charming town in the eastern Swiss Alps. Then we hurrily drove towards Fürstenwald, which is located on a nearby hill and offers a magnificent view of the Rhine Valley and the town itself. In the blink of an eye, we were already hopping around the lovebirds as part of their couple shoot. The small gazebo you can see on the pictures below has a special meaning for Sabrina and Stefan because they got to know and love each other at this uniquely romantic place.

Wedding Photo Shoot in Chur

Then we roared – now a little more in a hurry – back down to Chur, where the church wedding of the two took place in the very romantic and really homely church of Masan. Having finally arrived at the church, the whole wedding party was gathered in front of us. Each and every guest seemed to radiate the peace and contentment that fascinated us so much about Sabrina and Stefan. Take a look at the group pictures below – maybe you have the same impression :).

To round off this really wonderful day, the wedding party then went to the restaurant Brandis 12, on the terrace of which the guests came together for an aperitif. The musical accompaniment was provided by Mattiu Defuns, who performed probably the most beautiful songs on Rumantsch we had ever heard.

Dear Sabrina, dear Stefan and of course dear Gion: we would like to once again thank you for this wonderful wedding photo shoot in Chur and also your kind gift to us. Please stay as wonderful as you are!


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