One day we received a request from a young couple from Dublin for a wedding photo shoot in Weggis, Switzerland. Alice and Silvano, the name of the very likeable and photogenic couple, wanted to celebrate their wedding in this beautiful place on the shores of Lake Lucerne.

We were looking forward to their booking and were delighted to even accompany their wedding preparations. We generally recommend a so-called “getting ready” session to all of our couples, as the preparation of the bride and groom is a wonderful story to tell, illuminating this unique day in all its facets.

At the beginning of August, their big day was about to start: we packed our cameras and headed to Weggis, full of excitement what this beautiful day would bring us.

Wedding photo shoot in Weggis

Weggis is a small, romantic place on the shores of Lake Lucerne. The waterfront, the so-called “Lido”, is lined with both quaint little houses and magnificent villas, all encircled by a sea of seemingly evergreeen lawns. Amongst all of this beauty, we strolled towards Campus Hotel Hertenstein, where the wedding of the two should take place. The day was, as mentioned above, wonderfully warm and sunny, giving us the feeling as if being on holiday.

Alice and Silvano greeted us warmly when we arrived, even though they were already in the middle of their preparation. We recommend our couples to start their “Getting Ready” session after the beginning of their preparation (about an hour for the ladies – because of the make-up and hairstyle – and half an hour for the men), since only after this time they are well-prepared for a photo session. After an initial reportage, we took our couple aside to photograph them together with their witnesses, as those are already very emotional. And before we knew it, it was already time for their ceremony to start, which was to take place on a nearby lawn right on the shore of Lake Lucerne.

And suddenly, a rainbow appeared …

At this point, we would like to let the pictures for themselves to describe Alice’s and Silvano’s ceremony in front of this picturesque backdrop. The beautiful and emotional ceremony itself was performed by a master of ceremonies underneath a white arch that was standing on a small clearing next to the hotel. The subsequent aperitif and dinner in the hotel restaurant were accompanied by an exalted atmosphere that can be nicely seen in the photographs that we took during the throwing of the bridal bouquet.

To everyone’s surprise, a small thunderstorm came up later that conjured a dreamlike rainbow into the alpine seascape, which stretched almost cheesily across Lake Lucerne.

At around 10 PM, our wedding photo shoot in Weggis was slowly coming to an end. The day really seemed like a small holiday with so many nuances and special moments that we could continue to write about endlessly. It only remains to say that we wish Alice and Silvano all the best in their new home and in their new life as a married couple!


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