I do not believe in the statement "I am not photogenic" ...


Veronika Bendik - Zurich

I am very excited about you being interested in my photography :).

I am a passionate photographer living in Zurich, Switzerland - my fifth country up to date, which finally feels like home. I consider myself lucky to have came into contact with many different cultures and to have met a plethora of wonderful souls from across the globe, who showed me and my photography many different perspectives on life.

After completing my studies in law and working for several years in the field of marketing, I decided to make photography, my eternal and burning passion, my main profession. It has now already been eight years since I made this choice, and my excitement for photography is still growing day by day.

In my free time, I love to stroll through the old town of Zurich and to discover the beauty of Switzerland and other places in this world, constantly on the lookout for new photogenic places. When retouching photos back home over a cup of tea, my eight-year-old Jack Russell Terrier is always on my side. A funny anecdote regarding him: whenever he hears the word "photo", he immediately throws himself into a pose :). Photo: @birgitvisuals

Old town of Zurich in the morning - new corners of the world - soulful story - creative mind - courage - good tea - sky full of stars - fire - harmony - well hidden, family-run cafés - places by the window - in a company of an interesting story-teller-any place

Together with you we want our photographs to be aesthetic and full of emotions, just as our life can be so often. I aim to balance naturalism with expressionism, both trying to show you as you are from the outside and the inside. Through an appropriate choice of location, lighting and colours, I create not only an image of you, but also turn this image into art.

How I came to love photography

I still remember the silhouette of my mother in the dark room, tense from concentration, meticulously placing her photos into the development tray. The image that slowly started to appear on a simple piece of paper has captivated me ever since.

Since my childhood I strive to capture humans and their emotions in their quintessential, solely using the magic of light. One of my highest pleasures is to be able to extract the peculiarities and traits of my clients and to amplify them.

I am looking forward to each question of yours!

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