WARM-HEARTED COUPLE PHOTO SHOOT IN ZURICH 16.03.2019 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY ***************************************************** Coup... READ MORE WINTER WEDDING PHOTO SHOOT IN HOTEL KRONE REGENSBERG 08.01.2019 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY We met Tamara and Luca for the first time on an autumn evening in the Milchbar in Zurich, which, as always, was well attended. In spite of the loud chatter around us, we really had a great conversatio... READ MORE WINTER COUPLE PHOTO SHOOT IN ZURICH 08.12.2018 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Nore is a film producer from Stockholm, Alexandra is a model from Kiev currently living in the UK. Those cold winter days, prior to New Year's Eve, they came to Zurich to taste the, according to them,... READ MORE FLORAL WEDDING ON UETLIBERG 06.11.2018 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY I vividly remember Sakaria contacting me in the beginning of March this year, asking whether she could have a couple photo shoot. The scenery should be unique - looking like a winter fairy tale. As it... READ MORE happy family - photo shot outside REPORTAGE FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY ON A SERENE MORNING IN ZURICH 02.11.2018 / LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY My virtual encounter with Jenny a couple of months ago proved to be a very pleasant one. She contacted me to organize a lifestyle photo shoot as a gift for her friend who recently gave birth to her se... READ MORE DESTINATION WEDDING IN LUCERNE 31.08.2018 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY This autumn, I had the great pleasure to welcome yet another American couple in Switzerland with their Destination Wedding. Cecely and Nicholas came from California with their family to celebrate thei... READ MORE A MAGICAL ELOPEMENT IN SWITZERLAND 22.07.2018 / SWISS GETAWAY As I slowly made my way through the beautiful little mountain village of Kandersteg, the bright white smiles of the couple that I was supposed to meet already shined on me from the distance. Stephanie... READ MORE WARM WEDDING PHOTO SHOOT AT THE GREIFENSEE 16.07.2018 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Is this actually the fourth impression of this summer? Unfortunately, it seems to be so, as summer passes by, as always, way too fast... This brief moment of gloom is, however, quickly forgotten when ... READ MORE WEDDING AT THE FRENCH RIVIERA 29.06.2018 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY READ MORE CIVIL WEDDING PHOTO SHOOT IN RAPPERSWIL 14.06.2018 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Rapperswil, a city on the southern shore of Lake Zurich, really offers a wonderful backdrop for weddings. While I slowly approached the city over a causeway on this beautiful summer's day, it shimmere... READ MORE FROM ACROSS THE WATER 01.05.2018 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY In the beginning of this year, I got a very pleasant email from a far away place: Beijing. In very kind words, a gentleman called Zhen wrote me a message in which he explained that he will get married... READ MORE SURPRISE PROPOSAL PHOTO SHOOT IN ZERMATT 23.12.2017 / SWISS GETAWAY Right from the outset, Jovy was one of the most pleasant clients of the year, be it in terms of his manners or in conversation. He was impatiently waiting for the perfect chance to propose to his b... READ MORE BEI REGEN GLÄNZT ZERMATT UMSO MEHR 25.11.2017 / SWISS GETAWAY   READ MORE EMBRÜFF Z’ZERMATT 11.11.2017 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Wer meint, dass die schönsten Hochzeiten im Frühling oder Sommer stattfinden, der würde durch das Wintermärchen, das sich uns an der Hochzeit Aleksandras und Daniels in Zermatt bot, sicher eines Besse... READ MORE RELAXED COUPLE PHOTO SHOOT IN GENEVA 25.10.2017 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY READ MORE Protected: WEDDING IN WEGGIS 28.09.2017 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY ... READ MORE SUNNY WEDDING PHOTO SHOOT IN CHUR 23.09.2017 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Do you remember our blog entry about Rahel and Tommy's wedding in July this year? At that time, we probably were a little bit too hasty in accouncing the passing of this year's wonderful summer in Swi... READ MORE ELOPEMENT IN VILLA HONEGG 19.09.2017 / SWISS GETAWAY When Rennett and Derek from Florida first contacted me, I was pretty sure that these two are highly motivated to hunt for the “perfect frame” together with me. Elopement in Villa Honegg They had mar... READ MORE OUTDOOR WEDDING PHOTO SHOOT IN WEGGIS 08.08.2017 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY One day we received a request from a young couple from Dublin for a wedding photo shoot in Weggis, Switzerland. Alice and Silvano, the name of the very likeable and photogenic couple, wanted to celebr... READ MORE QUANDO L’AMORE FA DANZARE L’ANIMA 17.06.2017 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Es gibt Tage, an denen unsere Seele sprichwörtlich zu tanzen beginnt. Es sind diese seltenen Tage, an denen wir die ganze Fülle und Magie des Lebens entdecken, die uns in einem oftmals drögen, bleiern... READ MORE ELOPEMENT IN ZÜRICH 10.06.2017 / SWISS GETAWAY Wenn die Sonne langsam ihre rosigen Finger über den Zürichberg streifen lässt und sich in der Ferne die Glarner Alpen langsam aus dem Dunst des Morgens erheben, dann kann man sich gewiss sein, dass di... READ MORE HINDU WEDDING IN BERN 06.06.2017 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Unsere zweite Impression des Sommers glich einer kurzen Urlaubsreise in ein fernes, exotisches Land - nämlich Sri Lanka. Wir möchten Euch diese Impression vorab in ein paar Fotos in Form eines "Augenb... READ MORE PREWEDDING PHOTOSHOOTING IN LUCERNE 03.06.2017 / SWISS GETAWAY Yet another beautiful impression of this spring brought us to picturesque Luzern on an overcast, but nevertheless buoyant day. Stephanie and Hiep, a young couple from Texas about to get married thi... READ MORE

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