A MAGICAL ELOPEMENT IN SWITZERLAND 22.07.2018 / SWISS GETAWAY As I slowly made my way through the beautiful little mountain village of Kandersteg, the bright white smiles of the couple that I was supposed to meet already shined on me from the distance. Stephanie... READ MORE FROM ACROSS THE WATER 01.05.2018 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY In the beginning of this year, I got a very pleasant email from a far away place: Beijing. In very kind words, a gentleman called Zhen wrote me a message in which he explained that he will get married... READ MORE SURPRISE PROPOSAL PHOTO SHOOT IN ZERMATT 23.12.2017 / SWISS GETAWAY Right from the outset, Jovy was one of the most pleasant clients of the year, be it in terms of his manners or in conversation. He was impatiently waiting for the perfect chance to propose to his b... READ MORE PREWEDDING PHOTOSHOOTING IN ZERMATT 25.11.2017 / SWISS GETAWAY READ MORE RELAXED COUPLE PHOTO SHOOT IN GENEVA 25.10.2017 / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY READ MORE ELOPEMENT IN VILLA HONEGG 19.09.2017 / SWISS GETAWAY When Rennett and Derek from Florida first contacted me, I was pretty sure that these two are highly motivated to hunt for the “perfect frame” together with me. Elopement in Villa Honegg They had mar... READ MORE ELOPEMENT IN ZÜRICH 10.06.2017 / SWISS GETAWAY Wenn die Sonne langsam ihre rosigen Finger über den Zürichberg streifen lässt und sich in der Ferne die Glarner Alpen langsam aus dem Dunst des Morgens erheben, dann kann man sich gewiss sein, dass di... READ MORE PREWEDDING PHOTOSHOOTING IN LUCERNE 03.06.2017 / SWISS GETAWAY Yet another beautiful impression of this spring brought us to picturesque Luzern on an overcast, but nevertheless buoyant day. Stephanie and Hiep, a young couple from Texas about to get married thi... READ MORE URBAN COUPLE PHOTO SHOOT IN ZURICH 12.08.2016 / SWISS GETAWAY It was warm and sunny day in Zurich, when I was photographing Elpitha and Dimitri... READ MORE

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