Living in Zurich, in my opinion one of the most picturesque and photogenic European cities, I consider myself a lucky photographer. Every week I stroll through its medieval old town located at the banks of crystalline blue lake Zurich. When, on a clear day, the snow-covered Alps rise in the backdrop, even locals think that all of this is simply too good to be true. There are hundreds photography locations in Zurich. However, some of them are well hidden.

Top ten photography locations in Zurich

In order to make things easy for you, I started with the, in my opinion, most beautiful location. But please do not worry – all of them are really worthwhile :).

  1. Münsterbrücke bridge
  2. Grossmünsterplatz square
  3. Limmatquai with view to St. Peter’s church
  4. Lindenhof square and vantage point
  5. Münsterhof square
  6. Wühre
  7. Fraumünster church
  8. Ulrich Zwingli monument
  9. Kirchgasse with Grossmünster church
  10. Rathausbrücke

Münsterbrücke bridge

This rougly 180-years old stone bridge spans the river Limmat and lies right in the heart of Zurich’s old town. From it, nearly the whole of Zurich’s historic district is visible in all of its splendour. Even at night, the lighting of the surrounding buildings offers a remarkable sight. On one side of the bridge, you will be surrounded by Zurich’s famous framed houses and will have the snow-white mountain tops of the Swiss Alps on the background just when crossing the bridge. This location is definately one of our favorite photography locations in Zurich.

Grossmünsterplatz square

The Grossmünster church on the right bank of the Limmat river is one of the remarkable photography locations in Zurich. The square in front of it is a perfect spot for having a photo shoot in the middle of Zurich’s old town. When shooting towards the Limmat river, you will get the postcard-like feeling that we were talking about :).

Limmatquai with view to St. Peter’s church

The Limmatquai lies on the right bank of the Limmat river and is lined with Zurich’s most beautiful medieval buildings, the Zunfthäuser. It also offers an unobstructed view on the left bank and its beautiful sights, like St. Peter’s church which I personally like the most. The latter has the largest tower clock face in Europe, which really looks great in photos. For those who like pictures captured against ligth, the golden hour will offer some great opportunities.

Lindenhof square and vantage point

The Lindenhof square is located on top of a small hill on the left bank of the Limmat river and is framed with lime trees (Linde in German). This square is the very heart of Zurich, as its precursor Roman settlement Turicum was located here. The square is a somehow mystical place with a magnificent view on the right bank of the river Limmat. This place is ideal for a couple or family photography with a very recognizable Zurich in the backdrop.

Münsterhof square

This square is located right next to the Fraumünster church and is encircled by baroque buildings. The cobblestone pavement in combination with the tightly-spaced houses creates a fairy-tale like atmosphere in your photos. This is especially true when you have as your background located on eastern end of the square rococo palace Zunfthaus zur Meisen.


The “Wühre” runs along the left bank of the Limmat river and designates a narrow cobblestone street between gorgeous framed houses and the river itself. In a few spots, picturesque archways add to the very atmospheric scenery. Although crowded at times, there are plenty of opportunities for having a fantastic photo shoot here, especially close to Münsterbrücke bridge. Have a look at this couple photo shoot which was partially captured at this location.

Fraumünster church

A beautiful church right in Zurich’s city center, the Fraumünster church was erected on the site of a former monastery. Its adjoining cloister and courtyard offer a great opportunity for a couple or family photography that incorporates its intricate architectural details. Our tip: wait for the sun to start setting and shoot against the light!


Ulrich Zwingli monument

Ulrich Zwingli monument is not only an easy to find meeting point. Certainly, it is a beautiful photography location in Zurich. I prefer shooting in the direction of the left bank when standing there and can guarantee that you will like that view!

Kirchgasse with Grossmünster church

A reasonably steep cobblestone street in Zurich’s old town, Kirchgasse leads directly to the Grossmünster church. The street leads is lined with elegant bourgeois houses. When strolling down from the Lindentor city gate, try shooting towards Grossmünster. Its belfry peaking out between Kirchengasse’s houses will look beautiful in your pictures and will make you feel like in a different time.



Together with Münsterhof, Rathausbrücke was probably one of the busiest places in Zurich – and it still seems to be today. The bridge itself, which more resembles a square, is not worth noting, but offers unobstructed views on the surrounding landmarks. I often stop here in order to immortalize my yet another couple in love. In case you want to reward yourself afterward: Zurich famous Niederdorf food and nightlife district is just around the corner!

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