When we first met this very nice couple, we loved their openness and sense of humor. We also liked their idea of ​​choosing the connecting element of their two birthplaces as the motto of the wedding: the Rhine. Accordingly, we were very happy when the two chose us for their wedding at the Rhine.


The preparation of the bride and groom took place at the Hotel Alte Rheinmühle. This picturesque half-timbered house was located directly on the banks of the Rhine and created a really very romantic atmosphere. Our bride and groom got ready in separate rooms for the big ceremony and both were (after the deed was done :)) elegantly dressed and buzzing with anticipation. Without further ado, we decided to use the backdrop of the hotel with the numerous vintage cars standing in front of it for a first couple shoot.

Church wedding and wedding reception

With the vintage cars we went along the river to the provost Wagenhausen, where the wedding took place. The provost was picturesquely located on a hill above the Rhine with a view of the surrounding green hills and cities. We rushed into the church and got ready for the bride’s arrival with the bride’s father.
When the ceremony started, we were spellbound by the beautiful bride and groom and the magic of the place. The subsequent reception in the garden of the provost was equally memorable and atmospheric. However, the crowning finale of this varied wedding at the Rhine was yet to come.

Boat trip on the Rhine

At the end of the reception, the wedding party embarked on a short boat trip across the Rhine. There was even time for a quick swim in the cool water on this wonderful summer day. Soon we reached Gasthaus Schupfen, which would be the final station on this day.

Wedding party in Gasthaus Schupfen

Once again located on the bank of the Rhine, the Rhyschüür of the Gasthaus Schupfen was the ideal place for a summer night’s dream. The slowly setting sun made the place shine in almost surreal beauty. A great opportunity for our second couple shoot.

Our bridal couple was in a good mood even after this long day and visibly enjoyed the good food and the romantic atmosphere. The great music on this evening and even a typical Basler schnitzelbängg will let us never forget this beautiful wedding!

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